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Connecting with your stakeholders in a meaningful way.

At Synergiq Solutions, we believe that whether you are talking about external stakeholders or internal stakeholders, successful online communities can engage and involve both groups. Our Synergiq Platform technology helps organizations discover what their stakeholders want so they can deliver what they need, creating a people-centric competitive advantage.

Clients / Customers / Members

External branded communities provide an opportunity for you to directly engage and support your stakeholders. They enable you to learn from your members about how your organization and its products and services can make a difference. We believe that direct interactions with the members of these communities increases your brand relevance and loyalty.

Employees / Members

We believe that successful online communities move internal stakeholders away from a static “publish and consume” model, with marginal value, to a more dynamic, two-way collaboration environment driving increased engagement.

Associations / Members

At Synergiq we believe that successful online communities allow members to have conversations, discussions, leverage events and share information. More importantly, they encourage them to collaborate with each other in ways they could never do before. Additionally, they get content and information that is tailored to their preferences, and become more active, more engaged and more valuable to the community.


of employees do not understand their role and impact on delivering the brand promise to customers.

Results from our recent Employee and Brand Synergy Survey

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