Indigenous Languages

Enabling collaboration in order to revitalize Indigenous Languages – Connecting the dots

A powerful movement is sweeping across Canada.

The importance of protecting and preserving the Indigenous Language and Culture is clear. This has been demonstrated through the many initiatives led by numerous key stakeholders: Staff from Bands, Cultural Centres, Friendship Centres, Universities, Colleges and Churches led by Chiefs, Elders, Teachers and Learners – Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal Peoples.  The commitment around this common goal of Language preservation is strong.

A powerful collaboration strategy is the key to success.

We have observed that many of these excellent efforts are not able to capitalize on the benefits of being connected; they are happening in isolation. In response to this, we are proposing to bring an online Indigenous collaboration strategy built on our experience over the past 5 years.

Key examples are:

  • The development of a Terminology Database as the underlying platform for the entire Inuit Uqausinginnik Taiguusiliuqtiit language preservation and standardization program.
  • The successful implementation of an online collaboration hub to connect over 10,000 ESL / FSL Administrators and Teachers across the nation.

An online collaborative community dedicated to Indigenous Language & Culture.

We believe this collaborative approach and use of innovative technologies have the potential to support the preservation, retention and revitalization of Indigenous Languages today, but the first step is to connect the dots between all stakeholders.

This community is not meant to replace any existing initiative but rather to bring ALL initiatives together so that we can learn, share and grow. With this collaboration strategy and community, everyone will be able to share and access ALL research, tools, websites, ideas, apps and more. For Indigenous Peoples, the whole is definitely greater than the sum of the parts.

A powerful online community needs your input.

We are reaching out to various Indigenous groups and individuals as listed in the introduction as well as to other thought leaders, influencers, enablers and funders. And we need you to reach out to us:

Michael Gilbert
President of Synergiq Solutions

Pascal St-Jean
Chief Innovation Officer of Synergiq Solutions

Harold Tarbell
Project Consultant